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Published date: 20.06.2019 14:12 | Author: Tax Administration

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Podgorica, 20 June 2019 - Today, at the premises of the EU Info Centre, a conference was held on the occasion of the completion of the EU-funded project "Support to Tax Administration" (IPA 2014), which was implemented by FIIAPP (International and Iberoamerican Foundation for Administration and Public Policy) together with the Tax Administration of Spain and the Tax Administration of Montenegro as project partners.

The conference was attended by high representatives of the European Union, the Kingdom of Spain and Montenegro, as well as employees of the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and Customs Administration and representatives of taxpayers associations in Montenegro.

Minister of Finance Mr. Darko Radunović, in his introductory statement, said that in addition to strengthening the capacity of the Tax Administration and improving the Montenegrin legal framework in the area of indirect and direct taxation, the project contributedto the implementation of tax policy in Montenegro, based on the creation of a competitive and stable tax system based on simple and clear legal solutions and procedures, competitive tax rates and efficient and professional administration. He added that the goal of tax policy in Montenegro is to create an environment suitable for investment and development of entrepreneurship, primarily through the establishment of a system based on low tax rates.

Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro HE. Ambassador Aivo Orav emphasised that through this project, tax legislation and all aspects of the functioning of the Tax Administration have been improved in accordance with the EU legislation and EU standards, and that he expects that this will contribute to a higher degree of compliance with tax regulations and higher collection of state revenues to thebenefit of all citizens of Montenegro.

Spanish Embassy Economic Adviser Mr. Javier Alvarez welcomed the implementation of the project as one of the activities to strengthen the bilateral relations between Spain and Montenegro, and reiterated the full support for the development of Montenegrin institutions in accordance with EU standards, all in conjunction with aspirations of Montenegro towards EU membership.

Director of the Tax Administration of Montenegro, Mr. Miomir M. Mugoša announced that during the realization of the project the key goal of the project was achieved, which is support to Montenegro in fulfilling the requirements foreseen by Negotiating Chapter 16 - Taxation, harmonisation of the legal framework and strengthening the administrative capacities of the Tax Administration. He emphasised that the realisation of the project was marked by excellent cooperation between the Tax Administration of Montenegro and Spain, and that, thanks to the usability, collegiality and the highest degree of professionalism of the Spanish colleagues, the employees of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro had the honor to have as an example the reform efforts of one of the most advanced tax the administration of Europe, which has a decades-long experience of EU membership and is able to withstand the trends of accelerated technological development. He concluded that he expected that with further modernization of the business processes, and in particular the acquisition of an integrated information system through the project "Tax Administration Reform", the Tax Administration of Montenegro will be fully prepared to join the European Union.

The Director of Tax Administration of Spain, Mr. Jesus Gascon expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project, which was marked by a positive working atmosphere, stressing that successful cooperation between the tax authorities of Spain and Montenegro will continue in the future, thanks to the strong connection established during the project's duration.

Head of the Economic Development Unit at FIIAPP (International and Iberoamerican Foundation for Administration and Public Policy), Ms. Sonsoles Mories Alvarez presented the scope of work of this organisation and the experience it has in promoting international cooperation projects, whose goal is to build efficient state administrations and adopt public policies based on the best interests of citizens, companies and the economy, in line with EU standards. She expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the tax administrations of Spain and Montenegro, as well as the expectations of continuing cooperation with the Montenegrin institutions in order to build better administration for the benefit of all citizens of the two countries.

Project leaders for the Tax Administration of Spain and the Tax Administration of Montenegro, Mr. Juan Jose Fernandez Sanchez and Mr. Anđelko Jovanović presented the results through four components, which include the preparation of a set of recommendations for further harmonisation of the legal framework with the EU Acquis in the field of tax and excise, implementation of training program for employees in the Tax Administration in the areas of basic business processes, setting the basis for automatic exchange information and establishment of the Central Liaison Office, as well as a detailed analysis of existing IT capacities and defining infrastructure needs for establishing interoperability and interconnectivity with the EU tax administration systems.

The project "Support to Tax Administration" is the first twinning project implemented in the Tax Administration of Montenegro worth one million euros, with the EU contribution of € 900,000.00, while the Government of Montenegro co-financed the amount of € 100,000.00.