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Published date: 29.04.2014 09:03 | Author: tax administration

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Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration have continued with the practice of promoting and encouraging compliant taxpayers. Thus, so called White list has been published for the fourth time, containing names of taxpayers with the highest level of fiscal compliance. On a regular basis Tax Administration has had a very successful cooperation with 117 compliant taxpayers from the list, from the prespective of compliance with tax laws and payment of tax liabilities.

Criteria for selection of taxpayers on the List were accurracy of tax assessment and submission of tax returns, regularity in payment of tax liabilities, as well as tax audit results (if there were no significant irregularities found, implying eny kind of illegal business). One of criteria was also that taxpayers should have paid more than 50.000,00 € of tax liabilities during the first quarter of 2014.

Publication of the White list represents a step forward in encouraging taxpayers to voluntarily comply with tax regulations and cooperate with the Tax Administration, and it will be continued in the future, together with other forms of cooperation, as compliant taxpayers settling their liabilities regularly, contributing to the fight against grey economy, collection of budget revenues and promotion of business and investment environment are the only ones that can have a positive treatment in this authority.

White list is available here: Bijela lista - 29. april 2014.

N.B: The white list had been published for the first time on 7 June 2013 and the sequence of taxpayers doesn`t depend on the level of compliance of them. The data from the MTA system show that there is a larger number of compliant taxpayers that could be also publish on the List, but this number would exceed the number that is practiced to be published.

With the aim to encompass as large number if compliant taxpayers, on the updated White list there are also other taxpayers but due to the space limitation, a ceratin number of taxpayers that were on the previous list, was not published this time

It should be noted that none of taxpayers published on the previous White lists hasn`t been categorized as non-compliant, what means that all of them still meet criteria for being published on the White list.

To conclude, all taxpayers that appeared on one of White lists, or on all of them, are currently considered compliant taxpayers, in line with the criteria defined.