Poreska uprava

Miomir M. Mugoša, born on 17 October 1968 in Podgorica

1991 - Graduated from the Faculty of Law in Podgorica.

1992-1994 and 1997-2003 - Worked in the Ministry of Interior – Security Centre Podgorica, as a senior inspector for criminology and prevention of blood and sexual delicts.

2003-2006 - Advisor to the Mayor of the Capital Podgorica, in charge of security and prevention of addiction diseases affairs.

2003-2006 -  Head of the Communal Police of the Capital Podgorica, in charge of managing and monitoring of communal affairs and traffic.

2010- 2014 - Secretary General of the Secretariat for communal affairs, in charge of managing communal and traffic affairs, as well as of monitoring of the work of public institutions and limited liability companies owned by the Capital Podgorica.  

In October 2015 appointed the acting Director General of the Tax Administration of Montenegro.

 Special competences include: specialization in the field of criminology, certificate of the ECAD for prevention of addiction, chairing the Commission for assessment of damages caused by elementary disasters in the period (2007-2014), as well as managing of the Operational Headquarters of the Capital Podgorica for taking uregent measures in emergency situations (2008-2014).

Contact e-mail address: miomir.mugosa@tax.gov.me.